Hi!  I’m Abi.  I’m an Illustrator, living in London.  I am British born and bred, but if you detect an accent it’s because I used to live in Cape Town.

Thanks for checking out my work.  I think Illustration’s amazing because it taps into people’s natural talent for reading and interpreting images with effortless speed.  Illustration can show us new perspectives and create an instant depth of meaning.

I have a blog where I share what I’m up to, along with inspiring bits and pieces.  Check it out at www.abihey.blogspot.com.

If you’d like the easy option, you can receive emails from me every now and then about what’s up.  Fill in your details to the right and join the club.

Send me love to sayhello@abiheyneke.com

Catch my tweets @AbiHey

You can buy limited edition prints from my Etsy shop

You can buy my designs on phone covers from Mooskins









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