Work In Progress: Woody
An artist's proof of Woody

An artist's proof of Woody

This is Woody. He's a Whippet x Bedlington Terrier Lurcher. He's as fast as he looks. I think the mohawk helps with his aerodynamics. 

The print above is at the proof stage, meaning it's not finished. It's nearly finished; I won't change much for the final print but I have decided to make his eye golden yellow instead of the green you see above. 

Printing by woodblock is a bit of a complicated business. There are so many different parts and processes that I often get twisted up when I try to explain it to people. I thought it might be easier to demonstrate in video format. 'Cause people love videos, right? 

The music is by Boards Of Canada and I had some help from my kind friend Ricky Kershaw (watch his showreel).

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