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Storm, Louie & Skiffle

DrawingAbi HeynekeComment
Storm, Louie & Skiffle

These three woodblock prints are the largest and most ambitious in the Dogs of Warwick Gardens series. The subjects are three quintessentially "London" breeds, quite different in kind but all very popular in the city.


Storm is a typical South London Staffie, that’s to say her blood’s not 100% pure but her heart sure is. She is the friendliest dog around and loves giving kisses. #StormDOWG


Louie is a Pug (in case you couldn’t tell). This little guy is all business. He struts around the park with panache and aplomb. #LouieDOWG


Skiffle is a Whippet. Delicate and graceful, she is a hunter made of molten metal with gentle amber eyes. #SkiffleDOWG

You can get to know some of the other Dogs of Warwick Gardens in my previous posts on Hachi, Ringo, Ruby and Gordon and Luna, Woody, Roxie and Lola.

You can also watch a video of myself making Louie the Pug.

All the prints are available to buy from Studio 73 in Brixton Village. They are all watercolour, woodblock printed on paper, ranging in size from A4 to 50x50 cm and at various prices.