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Luna, Woody, Roxie & Lola

DrawingAbi HeynekeComment
Luna, Woody, Roxie & Lola

Here are a few more of the finished woodblock prints from my Dogs of Warwick Gardens series.


Luna’s mama is an American Bulldog and her papa is a Labrador. That makes her a Bullador! She is big softie who loves wrestling with the other dogs. #LunaDOWG


Woody is a Lurcher; half Whippet, half Bedlington Terrier. He’s a cheeky chap who has everyone beat on speed. I think the mohawk helps with his aerodynamics. #WoodyDOWG


Roxie is a Standard Poodle. Elegant and dignified, she is the Grande Dame of the Gardens. She likes to keep the young whipper-snappers in line. #RoxieDOWG


Lola is a Border Terrier. Lovely little Lola likes to contemplate life while chewing on a stick. #LolaDOWG

Have a look at #DogsOfWarwickGardens on instagram to see more photos.

All the prints are available to buy from Studio 73 in Brixton Village. They are all watercolour, woodblock printed on paper, ranging in size from A4 to 50x50 cm and at various prices.

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If you would like to find out more about how the print process happens, take a look at my blog post explaining the making of Luna or my video on the making of Woody.

Stay tuned for even more Dogs of Warwick Gardens!